Upper Secondary

Einstein Education Hub (Pte Ltd) values tremendously the significance of upper secondary education and places 100% emphasis on raising the students’ chances to secure their ideal courses after the O and N level.



The O and N level exams are an important milestone in teenage students’ lives as they stand at crossroads deciding their next path in life between ITE, poly, JC and other academic courses that will shape up their careers and future. Einstein develops the students’ potential by motivating them to achieve the impossible and opens up their choices to more courses that they thought would never be possible without the help of Einstein.


Einstein 100% Emphasis on SUCCESS

  1. Complete set of comprehensive notes and worksheets specially developed to cover major concepts tested in the O and N level in a step by step approach.
  2. Fully coached by experienced Einstein educators with years of experience in the O and N level syllabus.
  3. Construct the vital links to rectify the confusions and bridge up all the concepts to promote enhanced understanding.
  4. Push the students to develop analytical skills and application skills to assess the questions and formulate the solutions with all the explanations, steps and workings presented clearly and accurately.
  5. Raise self confidence and performance in actual examinations.
Einstein will fire up your determination and power up your effort to propel you to SUCCESS in the O level and N level exams. If you have the will, we will have the way!

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