Lower Secondary

Einstein Education Hub (Pte Ltd) wastes no time and pushes all buttons right from the start to develop the students for excellence and consistency in mastering the important concepts in Sec1 and Sec2.


The Sec1 and Sec2 education are the foundation years for O and N levels where basic concepts of the core knowledge for O and N levels are imparted.Building strong foundations in Sec1 and Sec2 are crucial for the students as it will affect their understanding of the topics in Sec3, Sec4 and Sec5 and directly impacts their performances in the O and N level exams.



  1. Full coverage of all the topics in Sec1 and Sec2 focusing on step by step approach and clear explanations with exclusive notes and exercises.
  2. Train up students in retaining important concepts and sharpen their explanatory skills.
  3. Raises confidence and performance in attempting questions with absolute certainty of the concepts to be applied and accuracy of the answer written.
A strong foundation builds up a winner right from the start. Develop the winning mentality at Einstein today!

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