P1-P3 English Tuition


P1 – P3 English


Lower Primary English

COMPOSITION Develop a basic plot with full description on the characters, places and actions. Focus on writing proper sentences to enhance the flow of the essay. Round up the essay with a good ending
GRAMMAR Master basic grammar skills to form grammatically correct sentences
Understanding the usage of nouns, verbs (present tense and past tense), propositions, conjunctions, synthesis and apply them accurately in exam questions
VOCABULARY Increase the bandwidth of vocabulary words commonly used in daily life ranging from occupation, transport and places
Appreciate new vocabulary words of similar meaning and apply them correctly in exam questions
COMPREHENSION Understand the flow of events in the passage and link up the events sequentially to appreciate the story in the comprehension passage
Identify the main characters, time and place of event and explain the reasons of actions taken in various paragraphs of the comprehension passage
CLOSE PASSAGE Grasp the content of the close passage and choose the best word to fill in the blank to make the story flow
ORAL AND LISTENING COMPREHENSION Master the skills of reading aloud fluently with crystal clear pronunciation of the syllable
Answer the conversation topic in full sentence and relate to personal experience to interest the examiners
Focus on listening to the text closely and think of the right answer during the listening comprehension tests

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