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Science Tuition

The Science syllabus in Primary 5 and Primary 6 challenges the students’ ability on analysis of trends and data sets as well as creating sound arguments based on their observation and knowledge.  

The students will further learn the different facets of natural sciences and technological applications. They are taught to understand how they function and how they interact with each other.

With the scientific concepts, the students will apply them onto real-life scenarios to explain the observations, establish a logical relationship between the interacting variables and suggest relevant ways to achieve desired scientific outcomes.   

Einstein has consistently developed the core skills and Science knowledge in the students from Primary 5 to Primary 6 with utmost emphasis so that they are well prepared to perform well in the PSLE, an important milestone in the primary school education.  

Program Highlights

In-depth knowledge
– Beyond textbook
– Exam-based questions
– P3 to P6 critical concepts

Skills Development
– Memory retention
– Concept application
– Answering techniques

Academic Growth
– Raise confidence
– Life performance
– Stimulate interest

Einstein Science

Senior Educator
Senior Trainer (Teaching)
NUS Bachelor of Science (Honours)
(Double Major in Physics and Pure Math)

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Science Classes

Small class size

1 to 9 students

Flat Monthly Fees

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Lesson Details

P5 Science
2 x 1.5h

P6 Science


P5 – P6 Science


Upper Primary Science


SYSTEMS Compare the human and plant parts and comprehend how the different parts interact with one another to perform their functions. Grasp the concepts in electrical system and provide  detailed explanations on its functions
CYCLES Internalise essential processes in water cycle and reproduction of flowering plants and human with relevant diagrams
ENERGY Develop logical reasonings to identify the various forms of energy and energy conversion
INTERACTIONS Discuss the interactions that Man has with other living and non-living things and its impact on the environment
REVISION Reinforce the concepts taught in lower primary science and link them to the questions and topics covered in upper primary science

Sharpen Science Answering Skills


MCQ Choose the most appropriate answer and explain with proper reasonings
Recognise the different types of questions and apply the correct answering techniques
Internalise various concepts and answer the questions using appropriate scientific keywords coherently
Interpret the data and information given and provide detailed explanations
Analyse the questions thoroughly and develop logical reasonings by connecting the different concepts together

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