P1-P3 Chinese Tuition


P1 – P3 Chinese


Lower Primary Chinese

READING Recognise and read Chinesebasic characters with complete understanding of its meaning
Write down hanyu pinyin correctly to complement reading
VOCABULARY Appreciate the meaning of common vocabulary words in the school Chinese textbook and apply the words correctly in exam questions
COMPREHENSION Comprehend the passage and understand the events that happened. Make sense of certain sentences or Chinese characters by analysing the events closely
Answer the question by writing outa complete sentence of Chinese characters with the correct strokes
COMPOSITION Master the skills of writing Chinese essay with focus on the correct Chinesesentence structure linking the events neatly
ORAL AND LISTENING COMPREHENSION Pick up the reading techniques in pronouncing the Chinese characters accurately and string them in a sentence with a clear voice. Answer conversation questions by confidently expressing in proper Chinese sentences without direct translation from English
Listen closely during the listening comprehension test, understand the narrationand choose the correct answers

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