Pre School – English

Program Coverage


  • Build up basic reading skills in reading simple words accurately
  • Master phonics skills in breaking up difficult words into individual parts, read the parts separately and piece up the pronunciation to read out the word correctly
  • Guide students in confident and fluent reading


  • Identify keywords within the question to fill in the verbs (present tense and past tense) correctly
  • Identify the subject within the sentence to fill in the pronouns (basic, demonstrative, reflexive) correctly
  • Join up two sentences using simple linking words in synthesis
  • Master preposition to describe a place or position of an object or noun
  • Apply adjectives to modify or describe a noun
  • Understand the meaning of basic vocabulary words and apply it correctly in questions


  • Understand the passage and answer simple questions to link up the events that happen between the paragraphs and write out in simple sentences


Story Writting
  • Recognise the correct sequence of events within a story and write out simple sentences to describe the events nicely

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