P3-P4 Science Tuition

P3-P4 Science

The Science syllabus in primary 3 and primary 4 gears the students up for an exploratory learning, one that broadens their inquisitive minds.

The students are exposed to the wonders of physics and biology of nature. They are taught to understand how nature functions and the mechanisms behind it.

As impressionable students, the learning of Science with live animals and plants as well as hands-on mini experiments raises their interest in the subject.

To translate these interests into high achievements, Einstein has successfully developed a set of comprehensive learning materials which readily motivates the students to master the subject of Science in primary 3 and primary 4 beyond their potential.


Program Highlights


In-depth Knowledge
– Detailed facts
– Clear explanations
– Keywords emphasis


Skills Development
– Memory retention
– Concept application
– Answering techniques


Academic Growth
– Raise confidence
– Lift performance
– Stimulate interest

Einstein Science

Justin Teoh
Senior Educator
Bachelor of Engineering
(Major in Electronics Electrical Engineering)

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Star Features Of Our
P3 & P4 Science Classes

Small class size

1 to 9 students

Flat Monthly Fees

4 weeks or 5 weeks

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Lesson Details

P3 Science



P4 Science

2 x 1.5h


P3 – P4 Science
Program Coverage

Lower Primary Science


DIVERSITY Classify various types of organisms and materials according to their similarity and differences
CYCLES Observe repeated patterns in life cycles of living things and make predictions with valid reasonings for other organism in the same animal group
SYSTEMS Recognise the different parts of human body and plant and associate it with the functions they perform
MAGNETS Internalise the important concepts in magnets and apply them to real life examples
ENERGY Master the important concepts in heat and light and systemically explain its effects using scientific terms

Sharpen Science Answering Skills


MCQ Choose the most appropriate answer and explain with proper reasonings
Recognise the different types of questions and apply the correct answering techniques
Internalise various concepts and answer the questions using appropriate scientific keywords coherently
Interpret the data and information given and provide detailed explanations
Analyse the questions thoroughly and develop logical reasonings by connecting the different concepts together

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