Proven Results

2023 Oct-Dec Results

2023 Oct-Dec Results

Dhiya P5 Math 80% AL3 Science 86% AL2

Fantastic performance, Dhiya! You have achieved beautiful results in both your Math and Science through your sheer diligence and determination! Well done with a big thumb up!!


Jayden S3 EX A Math: 81% High A1

Superb result, Jayden! Your performance has been tip-top! You are our pride! Splendid!!

Daniel S3 EX Pure Physics 73% A2 Pure Chemistry 72% A2

A stupendous result, Daniel! Super proud of your fantastic achievement! Go for straight distinctions in the O level next year!


Singha JC1 H2 Math: 79% A

A gold performance, Avi! We are exhilarated with your excellent result! Super amazing yet well done!


Yeon Aik P4 Math: 92% AL1

A top result with an outstanding performance, Yeon Aik! We are all blown away by your tremendous achievement!

2023 Jul-Sep Results

2023 Jul-Sep Results

Derrick S4 EX Combined Chemistry: 76% A1

Wow Derrick! This fantastic result will stand  you in good stead for the O level! Ace your way through!!


Yu Hang S1 EX Math: 80% High A1

Well done Yu Hang, a solid performance that you truly deserve! Remain steadfast in your quest to excellence in EOY exam!!


Celeste P3 Science: 81% AL3

A wonderful achievement, Celeste! Keep up your great performance and strive for the best in Science!!


P5 Nitika English: 86% AL2

Nitika, awesome result! Continue your excellent effort and work hard to attain the top mark in English!!


S3 Abbie EX E Math: 72% A2

Distinction Abbie, brilliant! Keep up the incredible work and give your best shot in the EOY exam!!

Adina S3 EX A Mat

Adina S3 EX A Math: 80% High A1

Your performance is outstanding, Adina! Stunning result by your sheer diligence and determination!! Super Good!!


Charmaine S3 NT Math: 80% High A

Charmaine, we are absolutely blown away by your DISTINCTION! Continue to shine in Math! Well done!!


Sheng Rui S2 NA Math: 88% High A1

A thunderous applause to your eye-popping performance, Sheng Rui! U have made great strides in your study of Math! We are super proud of U! Excellent!!

2023 WA1 Results

2023 WA1 Results

Durga S4 EX Pure Physics: 71% A2

Your result is fantastic, Durga! Maintain the drive for excellence, U are on the right track to DISTINCTIONS in the O level!!

Lin Htoo S2 EX English: 75% A1

This is surely a splendid performance, Lin Htoo! Your mastery of English is on a steady incline! Give your best for more distinctions to come your way!!

Laura S3 EX A Math: 90% Super High A1

A dazzling score, Laura! Keep up the top performance and ace your way through 2023!! Well done!!

Kingsley P4 Chinese: 90% Prestigious AL1

You have a flair for Chinese, Kingsley! Thumbs up for putting in a sterling performance and achieving such spectacular result!! Incredible!!

Susanna S1 NA Math: 96% Super High A1

Brilliant performance with a beautiful score, Susanna! A superb start to Sec 1, super proud of you!! Marvellous!!

Melanie Chia S3 Pure Chemistry: 92% Super High A1

An astounding score that truly reflects your hard work and superiority in Chemistry! Keep up the excellence and remain steadfast in your learning quest!! Awesome, Mel!!

Wen En S4 EX Combined Chemistry: 75% A1

Your consistency is strongly displayed in your fantastic result! Continue to excel and ace your Chemistry in the O level! Well done, Wen En!!

Iris J2 H2 Math: 75% A

Very impressive and outstanding performance, Iris! Your immense effort and determination are the keys to SUCCESS in the A level!!

Wen Ze P5 Math: 95% Prestigious AL1

Absolutely amazing to see your potential outshine in Math, Wen Ze! Always at your best, an excellent result!!

Marcus S3 NA E Math: 90% Super High A1

This is an excellent result, Marcus! Transform this strong start into high consistency throughout this year! U can do it!!

2022 PSLE Results

2022 PSLE Results

Ryan PSLE Score: 11

Well done Ryan! A magnificent result achieved by your sheer determination and tremendous effort!!

Nadhish PSLE Score: 7

So proud of you, Nadhish! You pulled off the PSLE with flying colours! Woohoo!!

2022 EOY Results

2022 EOY Results

Alicia Tan Qi Xuan S1 EX Science: 83% High A1

What a terrific result, Alicia! An amazing achievement and excellent performance! Impressive!!

Jolene Song S2 EX Math: 87.5% Super High A1

A fabulous result that is absolutely magnificent! U are SUPER GOOD, Jolene!!

Kayden P4 English overall: 88% AL2

A high flier result, Kayden! You have done very well! We are really proud of your excellent performance in English! Bravo!

Shu Ping P5 Science: 81% AL3

Shu Ping, this is a splendid result achieved by your sheer hardwork and effort! Well done for the superb performance!!

Berlynn P4 Math: 89.5% AL2

A brilliant result, Berlynn! Fantastic performance which we are so proud of you! Well done!!

Jovan P4 Science: 81.5% AL3

This is a stunning result, Jovan! A significant improvement where your effort translates into success! Excellent performance!!

2022 WA3/PRELIM Results

2022 WA3/PRELIM Results

Choi Teng S4 EX Combined Chemistry: A1

Highly impressive performance, Choi Teng! Continue your excellent momentum and score more distinctions in the O level!!

Jun Wei S2 EX Science: 74% A2

Bravo, Jun Wei! Thumbs up and continue your excellent performance all the way in the EOY exam!!

Susan S1 EX English: 85% High A1

Absolutely amazing achievement, Susan! Keep up the powerful performance!!

Ryan S3 NA Chemistry: 75% A1

Solid result, Ryan! We are proud of your consistency and drive for excellence!! Ace your way through!!

Ansley S3 EX E Math: 73% A2

Your superb result is a testament that hardwork and effort produce success! Very impressive, Ansley!!

Jaden S2 EX Science: 77% A1

An outstanding result driven by high and steady performance! Very well done, Jaden!!

Celyn S1 NA English: 80% High A1

A beautiful and inspiring performance, Celyn! Maintain your consistency and excellence in English!!

Maanya S2 NA Math: 85% High A1

Completely fabulous performance, Maanya! The joy of winning glows in U!!

Shriya S2 EX Math: 86% High A1

U are a high flyer with super high result, Shriya! Success shines on you!!

2022 WA2/SA1 Results

2022 WA2/SA1 Results

Inez S2 EX Math: 76% A1

Magnificent result, Inez! Keep up the excellent performance! Well done!!

Joachim J1 H2 Physics: 77% A

Exceptionally stunning score, Joachim! A very impressive and solid display of wits and competence! Superb!!

Nadhish P6 Math: AL1

Fantastic score, Nadhish! Keep up the excellent performance all the way!

Jia Xuan S4 EX Pure Chemistry: A1

Wow Jia Xuan!! What a mind-blowing performance! We are immensely proud of your distinction in Chemistry!

Santhosh P4 English: 92% AL1

Definitely an amazing feat with a well-deserved result, Santhosh! Your hardwork and flair in English show it all!

Athenaette S1 EX Science: A1

We are thrilled to see your Science result soar to new height! Magnificient A1, Athenaette!! Bagus!!

Raqib S1 EX Math: A1

Brilliant result, Raqib! Keep up the exceptional performance! Well done!

Edeline S2 NA Math: A1

Perfect score! Marvelous achievement, Edeline! So awesome, so impressive!!

Harry S4 NA Math: A1

A BIG milestone, Harry! We are exhilarated by your giant leap in performance! Keep your A1s coming! Very very good!!

Nurin S3 EX Combined Chemistry: A1

Nurin, this is a beautiful result achieved with confidence and excellence! A spectacular performance indeed!!

2021 PSLE Results

2021 PSLE Results

Chloe PSLE: 9

Amazing results, Chloe! Well done for your outstanding achievements!!

Kaeden PSLE: 12

Hardwork produces Success! Bravo for your great performance, Kaeden!!

Atshaya PSLE: 6

Wow! A perfect score, Atshaya! Continue your diligence and excellence in your academic endeavours!!

Kirithick PSLE: 7

A stellar performance, Kirithick! Ace your studies with confidence!!

2021 EOY Results

2021 EOY Results

Joey P5 Math: 92% AL1

Top-notch result, Joey! Superb performance, well done!!

Melanie S1 EX Math: 81% High A1

Thumbs up for your excellent performance, Melanie! You ROCK!!

Jason S1 NA Science: 90% Super High A1

Absolutely stunning result, Jason! Marvellous performance, kudos!!

Reyza S3 EX A Math: 80% High A1

Congrats to your huge achievement in A Math, Reyza! Keep up the amazing work!!

Natalie S3 EX Pure Physics: 75% A1

Impressive performance, Natalie! Ace it with excellence!!

2021 WA1 Results

2021 WA1 Results

Han Jie J2 H2 Math: 74% A 

Perfect Han Jie! Strive for excellence all the way to your A levels!!

Alicia S4 Pure Physics: 87.5% Super High A1 

Your physics is superb, Alicia! Well done and keep on shining! 

Xavier S2 Chinese: 70% A2 

Great essay Xavier! A remarkable high achievement in your Chinese, thumbs up! 

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-05 at 15.25.20

David Lee P5 Sci: 93% Gold AL 1 

U are a titan in Science, David! You have shown your strength and wits in the WA1. Outstanding!


Wei Lin S4 Pure Chemistry: 72% A2

Impressive results Weilin! U have improved by a huge margin. Keep up the great performance!

2020 EOY Result

2020 EOY Result

 Keith P4 Eng: 80% AL 3

Bravo Keith! A smart score for a smart student like you! Thumbs up!

 Kelly P5 Math: 80.5% AL 3

Great results Kelly! Effort produces success! Keep up the excellent performance!

 Kashvi S1 Math: 82% High A1

Fantastic result Kashvi! So proud of your achievement, well done!


 Saiishrith P3 Sci: 95% Super High AL 1

What a TOP result, Saiishrith! U are absolutely amazing. Be the BEST!


Prasath S2 Math: 91% Super High A1

Double thumbs up Prasath! Your Math is formidable, a Math expert in the making!

2020 Aug WA Result

2020 Aug WA Result

Sherilyn P4 Sci 95% A*

Way to go Sherilyn! Little scientist with flawless achievement!

Bryan S3 E Math 80% High A1

So proud of you, Bryan! Excellent performance, go for glory in the EOY!

Mern Ke S3 NA E Math 70% A2

A remarkable improvement, awesome Mern Ke! Keep it up and well done!

Yong Yi S2 EX Math 85% Super High A1

Superb result! Hats off to U, Yong Yi! Ace all the way!

2020 Jun-Jul WA Results

2020 Jun-Jul WA Results

Dayna S3 EX E Math 70% A1

Well done Dayna! U are on the right track to scale greater heights in Emath!

Aidan S3 EX E Math: 80% High A1 Ace your way through in E Math, Aidan! Amazing achievement!

Jordan J2 H2 Math: 71% A

GREAT RESULT in Math, Jordan! U are really gearing up with confidence for the A levels!

2020 WA1 Results

2020 WA1 Results

Aidan S3 EX A Math: 88% High A1

Well done AIDAN for your excellent performance in Amath!!

Mayvadee S3 EX Combined Chemistry: 80% High A1

Wow! A chemist in the making Mayvadee!!

Eve S1 EX Math: 95% Super High A1

Wooaahh! Your Math performance is the BEST, EVE!!

Hermanth S4 EX A Math: 97% Super High A1

Hats off to you Hermanth! What a perfect score in Amath!!

Mern Ke S3 NA Chemistry: 70% A2

Yoyo Mern Ke! Very impressive performance in your Chemistry. Thumbs UP!!

Wynson S1 NA Chinese: 77.5% A1

Wynson, a very bright score in Chinese! So proud of YOU!!

Ashton S3 EX Chemistry 75% A1: 

Charge up your Chemistry with excellence! Ashton, you are superb!

Denise S2 EX Math 83% High A1:

Super steady Super Denise! Your confidence is on the way UP!

Roj S4 NA E Math 85% Super High A1:

You have really turned things around in E Math, so proud of you Roj! Thumbs UP!

Celest S2 EX Sci 75% A1:

Well done Celest! Your consistency is the key to success in Science!

Joachim S3 EX E Math 86% Super High A1:

Amazing performance Joachim! Super sound in E Math on the inside!

Reyes S4 NA E Math 85% Super High A1:

Wow wow wow Reyes. Cool guy = cool grades!

Elisabeth S4 EX A Math 80% High A1:

Sssooo good Elisabeth, you have made leaps and bounds in A Math! Impressive!

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