Proven Results

2021 WA1 Results

2021 WA1 Results

Han Jie J2 H2 Math: 74% A 

Perfect Han Jie! Strive for excellence all the way to your A levels!!

Alicia S4 Pure Physics: 87.5% Super High A1 

Your physics is superb, Alicia! Well done and keep on shining! 

Xavier S2 Chinese: 70% A2 

Great essay Xavier! A remarkable high achievement in your Chinese, thumbs up! 

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David Lee P5 Sci: 93% Gold AL 1 

U are a titan in Science, David! You have shown your strength and wits in the WA1. Outstanding!


Wei Lin S4 Pure Chemistry: 72% A2

Impressive results Weilin! U have improved by a huge margin. Keep up the great performance!

2020 EOY Result

2020 EOY Result

 Keith P4 Eng: 80% AL 3

Bravo Keith! A smart score for a smart student like you! Thumbs up!

 Kelly P5 Math: 80.5% AL 3

Great results Kelly! Effort produces success! Keep up the excellent performance!

 Kashvi S1 Math: 82% High A1

Fantastic result Kashvi! So proud of your achievement, well done!


 Saiishrith P3 Sci: 95% Super High AL 1

What a TOP result, Saiishrith! U are absolutely amazing. Be the BEST!


Prasath S2 Math: 91% Super High A1

Double thumbs up Prasath! Your Math is formidable, a Math expert in the making!

2020 Aug WA Result

2020 Aug WA Result

Sherilyn P4 Sci 95% A*

Way to go Sherilyn! Little scientist with flawless achievement!

Bryan S3 E Math 80% High A1

So proud of you, Bryan! Excellent performance, go for glory in the EOY!

Mern Ke S3 NA E Math 70% A2

A remarkable improvement, awesome Mern Ke! Keep it up and well done!

Yong Yi S2 EX Math 85% Super High A1

Superb result! Hats off to U, Yong Yi! Ace all the way!

2020 Jun-Jul WA Results

2020 Jun-Jul WA Results

Dayna S3 EX E Math 70% A1

Well done Dayna! U are on the right track to scale greater heights in Emath!

Aidan S3 EX E Math: 80% High A1 Ace your way through in E Math, Aidan! Amazing achievement!

Jordan J2 H2 Math: 71% A

GREAT RESULT in Math, Jordan! U are really gearing up with confidence for the A levels!

2020 WA1 Results

2020 WA1 Results

Aidan S3 EX A Math: 88% High A1

Well done AIDAN for your excellent performance in Amath!!

Mayvadee S3 EX Combined Chemistry: 80% High A1

Wow! A chemist in the making Mayvadee!!

Eve S1 EX Math: 95% Super High A1

Wooaahh! Your Math performance is the BEST, EVE!!

Hermanth S4 EX A Math: 97% Super High A1

Hats off to you Hermanth! What a perfect score in Amath!!

Mern Ke S3 NA Chemistry: 70% A2

Yoyo Mern Ke! Very impressive performance in your Chemistry. Thumbs UP!!

Wynson S1 NA Chinese: 77.5% A1

Wynson, a very bright score in Chinese! So proud of YOU!!

Ashton S3 EX Chemistry 75% A1: 

Charge up your Chemistry with excellence! Ashton, you are superb!

Denise S2 EX Math 83% High A1:

Super steady Super Denise! Your confidence is on the way UP!

Roj S4 NA E Math 85% Super High A1:

You have really turned things around in E Math, so proud of you Roj! Thumbs UP!

Celest S2 EX Sci 75% A1:

Well done Celest! Your consistency is the key to success in Science!

Joachim S3 EX E Math 86% Super High A1:

Amazing performance Joachim! Super sound in E Math on the inside!

Reyes S4 NA E Math 85% Super High A1:

Wow wow wow Reyes. Cool guy = cool grades!

Elisabeth S4 EX A Math 80% High A1:

Sssooo good Elisabeth, you have made leaps and bounds in A Math! Impressive!

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