P4-P6 English Tuition


P4 – P6 English


Upper Primary English

GRAMMAR Apply grammar concepts on challenging questions by identifying the key words and indirect hints
Analyse the sentences and the linking words given in synthesis questions. Join up the 2 sentences together with the usage of nouns or different forms of verbs without changing the meaning of the original sentences
Convert dialogues into repeated speech by transforming the nouns, verbs and time into the correct form
VOCABULARY Differentiate the vocabulary words with meaning that are very close to one another
Grow the list of vocab words with deep appreciation of the meanings in different context
Develop a sense of the events in the passage and analyse the list of possible words to fill in the blanks to link up the events convincingly
Pick up keywords and hints from different paragraphs of thepassage to write down the correct answers
COMPREHENSION Analyze the entire passage, explaining the events in sequence from the start to the end
Understand the actions that take place in the events, the feelings generated and the reasons for it
Read between the words and infer from the sentence the implications within the contexts of the passage
COMPOSITION Brainstorm the ideas that best match the title. Identify the characters, place, time and events that take place in the story
Describe the environment, place, feelings and actions to bring the story to life and build up the flow of events to reach a climax to amaze the readers
Start off with an impressive introduction to capture the reader’s attention and interest
Finish off with a solid ending to complete the reader’s satisfaction and imagination of the plot
ORAL AND LISTENING COMPREHENSION Read confidently with intonations, bringing out the emotions that fits the context of the passage. Sound out the lastsyllableof each word accurately such as ‘s’ and ‘ed’
Listen intently during the listening comprehension test and analyze the question carefully with the given choices. Recollect the information from the passage and make the correct choices

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