What makes JC1 Math difficult?

What makes JC1 Math difficult?


JC Math VS Secondary Math

The O level Math syllabus (A Math and E Math) is a developmental course on the basics in Math. The questions in O level Math are more or less similar which the students can excel in with strong basics and repeated practices. Going forward into JC, the A level Math syllabus is a critical thinking course on the applications of abstract mathematical concepts. The scope of questions in A level Math varies a lot which requires strong understanding and application of concepts to solve.

What makes JC1 Math difficult?

1. Fast teaching pace in JC

JC1 Math has quite a lot of assumed knowledge from secondary school which they do not teach again in JC. Both the lectures and tutorials cover the abstract topics quickly. Some stuents often find themselves lagging behind in tutorials as they are unable to understand the contents in the lecture, making it difficult to complete their tutorials as well.

2. Lecture-tutorial system

The Math lectures will continue even though some students may not understand the previous part. This makes it difficult for the students to catch up and follow. During the Math tutorials, the tutors will also go quite fast to match the pace of the lectures, adding on the confusions of the students.

3. Semi-tertiary education

The tutors do not collect back the Math tutorials to mark or check, causing an unintended effect of some students not completing their tutorials when they do not know how to do. As the tutors have to go through a large number of questions within a limited time in the tutorial, some students find it difficult to understand the Math tutorials or do not have time to take down the corrections.

Study JC1 Math effectively must require a new set of skills to match the fast paced learning environment and overcome the huge hurdle of difficulties in the questions and mathematical concepts.

Einstein Effective Study Tips for JC1 Math

1. Consistency

Students must be consistent in attending the lectures, tutorials, completing the tutorial questions and revising for their tests and exams.

2. Take ownership in learning

Take initiatives to smoothen the learning curve by actively seeking clarification on any doubt concerning the mathematical concepts and its application.

3. Priortise personal time and focus on studies

Allocate a good amount of personal time for an extensive recap and revision of the current and previous topics to master the techniques to solve the abstract Math questions.

Einstein takeaway

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