The Secrets to Ace O level Additional Math

The Secrets to Ace O level Additional Math

Close-up hand holding red pencil for compute the Physics problem using Mathematics knowledge and scientific calculator. Concept of Education and Troubleshooting.

Additional Math (A Math) in O level is a subject that bridges higher level Mathematics in poly and JC. Although it is not a compulsory subject to use for application into JC or poly, it is an important one to facilitate understanding of the Math modules in these institutions.

The topics covered in A Math often require long solutions involving many steps. With the difficult concepts behind A Math, many students face an uphill task conquering this subject.

However, these challenges are readily overcome with confidence at Einstein. Over the years, Einstein has successfully groomed hundreds of students who go on to excel in A Math in their O level.

The secrets to ACE Additional Math:

1. Consistency.
Follow the A Math lessons in school closely. Remember the formulas, methods and steps to solve different types of questions.

2. Zero-error Mechanism.
Develop effective mechanism to reduce unnecessary errors and increase accuracy.

3. Extensive Revision.
Make time for thorough revision nearing class tests and weighted assessments. Be well prepared.

A Math is a subject that can make or break a student’s confidence in Math. It can further impact the student’s choice of courses to undertake after the O level. With drive and determination, scoring an ACE in A Math is within reach.

Einstein takeaway

There are various reasons why your child is not performing well in A Math. Sometimes, the student may not be aware that his or her study method is not effective even though time and effort are recognised. Tell Einstein more about the problems your child is facing and hear from us how the  Sec3 A Math and the Sec4 A Math Achievers’ tuition classes can turn things around for your child.