Team Einstein Elites: Class of P4 Math WA3

Team Einstein Elites: Class of P4 Math WA3

Einstein Elite Team: P4 MATH

2023 WA3 77% of cohort clinched more than 80% (AL1, AL2 and AL3).

Q: What is the breakdown of the results?

Out of a cohort of 9 students, 2 clinched AL1, 2 achieved AL2 and another 3 scored AL3. Several of them improved at least 1 grade from the last WA. It is an outstanding effort from all of them.

Q: How did the students achieve their desired grades?

Firstly, the students understood the concepts and the methods taught in the tuition class. When they were attempting the questions during the tuition lessons, they could apply the methods and showed all the steps clearly.

Secondly, they did additional homework questions, so they gained more exposure to questions that commonly appeared in the WAs and exams.

Lastly, they were tested regularly on the recent and past concepts in the tuition lessons. That served as a consistent reminder to grasp strongly the important concepts of the topics.

Q: What did the tutors do to help the students in this subject?

The tutors helped to simplify the core concepts and explain them in a simple way that was clear for the students to understand. Verbal questions were frequently posed to the students to assess how much they understood and every now and then, the tutors would take initiatives to re-explain and set more examples to reinforce the explanations thoroughly to ensure that all the students could understand well.

After explaining the method to the students, the tutors would emphasise to them the importance of showing and labelling all the steps clearly while they were doing the questions in the class as well as homework.

More importantly, the tutors would always test the students regularly on the problem-solving techniques and methods. This was to raise consistency and competency so that the students could remember the methods well and knew how to apply them onto the questions correctly.

Q: What changes were observed in the students over the course of study?

The students were more serious during the tuition lessons over time. With the guidance and the consistent trainings by the tutors, they improved on their mathematical reasoning skills. They were able to think more logically and solve the questions in a systematic approach, hence increasing the accuracy of their answers and their understanding of the questions.

Q: How is Einstein Education Hub different from other centres?

The tutors are responsible in the sense that what they teach, they make sure that all the students understand. This is done so by constantly checking their progress and going the extra mile by providing simplified explanations with relevant examples. Thus, no student is left behind.

What Team Einstein says about P4 Math Class:

Well done, the class of P4 Math! This is truly a spectacular achievement!! All of U are very hardworking and focused in your Achievers’ lessons @Einstein. Keep up the superb performance, we are very proud of U! We are determined to bring out your best in the EOY exam!!