Success of O Level (Sec 3) A Math Class of 2021

Success of O Level (Sec 3) A Math Class of 2021


The Sec 3 A Math class delivered a stellar performance in the 2021 EOY exam. Out of 9 students, 7 notched A1 and A2.

Contributing Factors

  1. Start early
    The 7 students who score A1 and A2 followed through Einstein Achievers’ A Math Tuition Program right from the start in December 2020.
  2. Solid understanding
    They can understand the A Math topics very well as Einstein covered them in full spectrum, detailing the different types of exam based questions in each topic.
  3. Effective solving methods
    They master the methods to solve the A Math questions in a step by step fashion, showing all the steps clearly and systematically.
  4. Develop explanatory and analytical skills
    They are trained to explain the concepts and the reasons behind the steps used to solve the A Math questions and more importantly, apply the concepts to challenging questions with deeper analysis to craft out the correct solutions.
  5. Goal setting
    Goals are set throughout the year from their WAs to the EOY and they strive to achieve them.
  6. Thorough revision
    They are told specifically what they should do to revise extensively for their WAs and EOY exam and how they should manage the questions effectively in terms of time management and stress management during the actual exams.

Einstein Takeaway
A Math is a subject that can make or break a student’s interest in Math as well as their course of study after the O level. Einstein has the absolute expertise to develop the consistency and competency in the students to scale greater heights in A Math. Grab a free trial lesson to experience the clarity of A Math that you truly deserve.