SUCCESS 014: Sin Yi S2 EX Math WA3

SUCCESS 014: Sin Yi S2 EX Math WA3

Einstein Elite: Sin Yi

Sec 2 2023 WA3 Grades: Math A1

Sin Yi’s Success Motto: “Never give up!!”

Q: What results did you get for Math in the Sec 2 WA1 and WA2 this year?

I did not perform up to satisfaction in the WA1 and WA2. I only got C5 in both tests.

Q: What did you do in your preparation for the WA3 this time round and how was it different from last time?

For this WA3, I set my sight on getting a grade much higher than my WA1 and WA2. I started preparing 2 months in advance for the WA3. During the June holidays, I read up the new topics in advance that would be taught in term 3 to have a better understanding of them. Furthermore, I did questions on a daily basis from the school textbook and the Math materials handed out by my school to build up my problem-solving skills and consistency. This was more effective than all my previous preparations. Last time, I started my revision for the WA only 1 month in advance and 3 times per week which was probably not enough for me to do well in the WA.

Q: What do the tutors in both the Achievers’ class and the Focus class do to help you in this subject?

In the Math Achievers’ class, the tutor will explain the entire topic very clearly, with detailed emphasis on the proper methods used to solve the various types of questions in a step-by-step approach. If I am having trouble understanding, the tutor will not hesitate to reexplain the question and concept in a simplified manner which makes it easier to understand. Every now and then, the tutor will also test me on the core concepts and the problem-solving methods from the previous topics to ensure that my understanding and problem-solving skills of the previous topics are not diluted over time.

In the Math Focus class, the tutor reinforces to a great extent on the previous major topics especially algebra. As I tend to forget the important details needed to be shown in the steps, the tutor consistently sets relevant questions on the spot and keeps testing me on the critical details to help me remember concretely especially for the questions that I have difficulties doing. From there, I can fully grasp the major concepts and apply them readily when I come across similar questions including my schoolwork as well. What also helps me is that the tutor will do a thorough revision with me on all the topics to be tested in the WA, hence I can feel that I am more prepared for it.

Q : What is your target for this year? What will you do to achieve it?

My goal for Math in the end-of-year (EOY) exam is A1. Besides continuing my current efforts, I will step up by doing more questions from past year exam papers. I will also start to bring questions to clarify with the tutors which I have not done so in the past.

What Team Einstein says:

A marvelous achievement, Sin Yi!! We are absolutely impressed by your elegant display of success. Keep up the excellent form and superb effort, our team of tutors will continue to give you the fullest support to bring out the best in you for the Math EOY exam this year!!