SUCCESS 013: Ray P5 English, Science WA2

SUCCESS 013: Ray P5 English, Science WA2

Einstein Elite: Ray

P5 2023 WA2 Grade: Science 84% (AL3), English 90% (AL1)

Ray’s Success Motto: “Just do your BEST!”

Q (Parents): What did Ray do in his preparation for the Science and English WA2 and how was it different from last time?

He attended more lessons at the tuition centre. More importantly, he allocated more time on revision by going through the learning materials thoroughly from school and tuition. I also gave him more past year papers to attempt before he sat for the WA2. Previously, he did not spend as much time on revision as compared to this WA2.

Q (Parents): What did you do to help Ray in his revision? What encouragement did u give him?

I encouraged him to work harder and do better. To spur him on, I promised to bring him on a holiday to ski if he does well in the EOY (End-of-Year) exams.

Q (Parents): How do the tuition lessons @Einstein help Ray in both Science and English?

Basically, in the English regular lesson, he is able to get more opportunities to practice, reinforce his understanding and improve his answering techniques. The English focus lesson helps him to craft his compo with more ideas and better time management. Previously, he used to get stuck on how to start the compo.

In the Science regular lesson, he is able to understand the theoretical concepts better with emphasis on the usage of important keywords in the written answers.

Q (Ray): What is your target for this year? What will you do to achieve it?

My target is to score AL1 for English in the EOY exam. To achieve it, I will complete more past year exam papers in both Paper 1 and 2 to raise my competency in English.

For Science, my target is also AL1 in the EOY exam. I will continue to spend time and effort to do the assessment books on a consistent basis and clarify questions that I am unsure of with the tutor. I feel that I learn a lot as the tutor can explain the answers very well.

What Team Einstein says:

Congratulations to Ray on his fantastic results in the WA2! We are delighted with his outstanding performance!! Since the start of P5, Ray has become more serious and focused on his work. Being an attentive student who takes the initiative to participate in class, Ray puts great effort into his work consistently. He does not shy away but more willing to clarify any doubts he has with the tutors. This excellent study attitude bodes well for Ray – to go far and achieve greater heights in his end-of-year examinations! Well done!!