SUCCESS 011: Xavier Chong S4 EX English, E Math and Combined Science WA1

SUCCESS 011: Xavier Chong S4 EX English, E Math and Combined Science WA1

Einstein Elite: Xavier Chong

Sec 4 2023 WA1 Grades: English B3 (highest in class!), E Math A2, Combined Physics A1, Combined Chemistry A1.

Xavier’s Success Motto: “Persevere to achieve distinctions on all the core subjects!”

Q: What results did you get in the Sec 3 EOY exam last year and in the Sec 4 WA1 this year?

I did not fare well in my EOY exam in Sec 3.  I got a borderline pass in my English and Combined Chemistry but failed my E Math.  My Physics grade was marginally better at B4.  Worried for my O level, I am fired up this year to strive for excellence.  In the WA1, I beat the odds by emerging as the top student in my English class with an ameliorated grade of B3, thrived in my E Math (A2), Combined Chemistry (A1) and Combined Physics (A1) with straight distinctions.

Q: What did you do in your preparation for the WA1 this time round and how was it different from last time?

Previously, I did not really put in proper effort in my revision. I only read notes briefly without doing questions.  This year, I put in more time to memorise the concepts and formulas that were taught in school and tuition. More significantly, I have started doing my Ten-Year Series this year which really helps me to be more prepared as the questions are of a closer standard to what came out in my WA1. Furthermore, the focus classes in tuition regularly conduct internal topical tests to test my concepts and build up my performance and consistency.  If I did not do well in them, I would feel more worried about my current performance which motivated me to work even harder.

Q: What do the tutors in both the Achievers’ class and the Focus class do to help you in this subject?

For the English Achievers’ class, the tutor helps me to get a better understanding of what will appear in my tests, especially on how to answer specific comprehension questions.

For the E Math Achievers’ class, the tutor helps me to understand the topics better together with the proper methods used to solve the various types of questions within the topics.  The E Math Focus class reinforces the things that I have learnt in both the current and previous topics so that I do not forget them easily and get confused.

For the Combined Physics Achievers’ class, the tutor helps to train me up in the analytical and answering skills by exposing me to many questions so that I am more prepared and know how to answer them when I come across similar questions in the exam.  The Physics Focus class revisits the old topics, focusing on the answering techniques of the structured questions including calculations using the correct formulas.

For the Combined Chemistry Achievers’ class, the tutor helps to keep me interested and focused in the class with interesting yet important information relevant to the current topic.  The Chemistry Focus class zooms in to the important details of the previous topics, strengthens my memory of the core concepts and my application skills when answering the structured questions.

Q: What is/are your goal(s) for the O level? What will you do to achieve it?

My goal is to achieve distinctions in all my subjects in the O level, putting myself in a strong position to be accepted into Nanyang Polytechnic to pursue my desired course.

In order to achieve my goal, I will not give up.  I will roll up my sleeves, press on with my revision regime for the next few months and give my best performance in the O level!

What Team Einstein says:

We are very pleased with the extraordinary performance by Xavier.  He has shown a positive change in his approach to his studies which we fully recognize with.  It is heartening to see him take the lessons to heart and apply what he has learnt to the questions that he does.  We will work super closely with him to bring out his best in the O level.  “U are on the right track to SUCCESS, Xavier! Stay focus and work hard all the way!”