SUCCESS 010: S4 EX E Math WA1

SUCCESS 010: S4 EX E Math WA1

Einstein Elite Team: S4 EX E MATH

2023 WA1 42% of cohort clinched A1 or A2. 33% achieved B3.

Q: What is the breakdown of the results?

A: Within the cohort of 12 students, 3 scored A1, 2 scored A2 while 4 scored B3. Several of them improved over a few grades in this WA1 which were impressive.

Q: How did the students achieve their desired grades?

A: They were serious in the lessons, followed the lessons closely and stepped up their performance in the lessons especially when they were doing the questions. One could tell that the students were thinking more throughout the lessons, be it in doing the questions or answering the verbal questions posed by the tutors. They would apply the methods diligently, showing all the steps clearly in both the classwork and the homework. Their consistent attendance, completion of tuition homework and continuous revision at home helped them to outperform in the WA1.

Q: What did the tutors do to help the students in this subject?

A:  The tutors trained the students up extensively in their problem-solving skills, comprising of their analytical skills, precision skills and explanatory skills. The tutors would not hesitate to ask questions to every student in the class to stretch their thinking cap as well as set similar questions to re-explain and emphasize the important concepts and methods. The tutors would also push the students more in class in terms of their accuracy by advocating step by step approach with thorough checking to reduce unnecessary errors. The tutors would consistently share with the students what to do for revision at home and give loads of encouragement to them to raise their performance in the WA1.

Q: What changes were observed in the students over the course of study?

A: Due to the pushing by the tutors, the students demonstrated more urgency in their work. They paid more attention in class and put in more effort, thereby raising the quality and accuracy of their answers. They have started to prioritise more on their studies over other commitments by spending more time and focus on their revision since the start of this year.

Q: How is Einstein Education Hub different from other centres?

A: We develop good study habits in the students. There is no shortcut to success. Hardwork and effort are inculcated into the students starting from the tuition lessons they attend @Einstein. We identify the weaknesses in the students and adopt workable measures to address them so that their performance is not affected by their habitual mistakes.

What Team Einstein says about Sec 4 EX E Math Class:

The Sec 4 EX E Math class delivered an exceptional performance in the WA1, a really good start in 2023! Congrats to them for the fantastic effort!! “We will be right behind you, providing you with the fullest support and motivation to chase your rainbow in the O level this year!!”