SUCCESS 006: Class of S3 EX A Math EOY Exam

Einstein Elite Team: S3 EX A Math Class

2022 EOY 100% of cohort clinched A1 or A2

Q: What is the breakdown of the results?
A: Within the cohort of 5 students, 4 scored A1 while 1 scored A2.


Q: How did the students achieve their desired grades?
A: The students have always been attentive in class. They would ask questions when they are in doubt which shows their interests in their study. They also put in a lot of effort into their revision and would come back to clarify questions that they are having trouble with.


Q: What did their tutors do to help the students in this subject?
A: The tutor would go through the topics with them in details and ensure that everyone in the class is following closely. Additional questions would be set to ensure that everyone is crystal clear on the topic at hand before proceeding to the next material. The tutor also shares tips on how to revise for their exams and encourages them to bring questions to discuss whenever they are unsure.


Q: What changes were observed in the students over the course of study?
A: As the lessons progress over time, the students showed more confidence in class. They would pay attention to every little detail and follow the steps and methods taught more closely. They also showed a lot more interests which is essential in achieving success.


Q: How is Einstein Education Hub different from other centres?
A: Einstein Education Hub breaks down the topics extensively which ensures that every single step and the methods are thoroughly discussed and practised in class. We also ensure that all the students are able to follow the lesson closely and will not leave anyone behind.


What Team Einstein says about the Sec 3 EX A Math Class:
A fantastic result and a very big congratulation to the bright and determined students in the Sec 3 Ex A Math class! They show the desire to constantly improve themselves and the hunger to succeed in their studies. They have the right mindset and with the right guidance and motivation, they will surely be able to achieve great results in the O level!