SUCCESS 006 – Brian J2 H2 Physics Prelim

SUCCESS 006 – Brian J2 H2 Physics Prelim

Einstein Elite: Brian

JC2 H2 Physics 2022 School Prelim Grade A

Brian’s Success Motto: “Just keep going even if the going gets tough!

Q: What results did you receive in your prelim and the last common test?

I achieved a distinction A for Physics in my prelim.  For the last common test (CT), I scored B.  In fact, I had been scoring A in J1.  However, my results dipped to a B in J2.  I was not satisfied as it was below my expectation.

Q: What did you do after your last common test to improve your results on Physics?

I did not do much practice and questions for the CTs.  After the last CT, I dedicated more time to do comprehensive revision especially on the drilling of questions.  This not only increases my exposure to the major Physics concepts and the exam-based questions, but also sharpens my problem-solving and time management skills.

Q: What does the tutor in the Achievers’ class do to help you in this subject?

I am able to understand clearly the tutor’s explanations especially on the abstract Physics concepts.  During the lessons, there is constant testing of my explanations to the important questions using the relevant concepts.  Through this process, I find gaps in my understanding which I am not aware of.  Nevertheless, the tutor is spot on with closing these gaps and clarifying my doubts effectively in the lesson.      

Q: What is/are your goal(s) for the A level?

My immediate goals are to secure straight ‘A’s for all my four H2 subjects in the A level as well as being awarded the PSA scholarship for my university education.  My ultimate goal is to propel my career in a government organization or ministry which allows for future educational advancement such as Masters or PhD.


What Team Einstein says:

A BIG congrats to Brian for his amazing result! Although we are glad that his hard work has translated into top grade, we are bent on bringing the best out of Brain for the upcoming A level.  Keep up the fantastic drive and stay laser focused to turn your goals into reality!!