SUCCESS 005 – Jerrell S4 EX E Math Prelim

SUCCESS 005 – Jerrell S4 EX E Math Prelim

Einstein Elite: Jerrell

Sec 4 EX E Math 2022 School Prelim Grade A1

Jerrell’s Success Motto: “Achievers were not born achievers, they learned and practiced before achieving the result!”

Q: What results did you receive in your prelim and mid-year exam?
A: My mid-year exam result for E Math was not satisfactory as I managed to get a B4 only. However, in my prelim, I worked my way up to score an A1!

Q: What did you do after your mid-year exam to improve your results on E Math?
A: My preparations for the mid-year exam was less than ideal since I did not practice as much as I needed. However, things changed after the mid-year exam result was released. I did more practice consistently in the form of other school’s past year prelim papers and the TYS. Furthermore, I would take initiatives to clarify questions with my school teachers and tutors.

Q: What does the tutor in the Achievers’ class do to help you in this subject?
A: The tutor covered extensive revision on a wide range of topics including the ones that I learnt in school. This helped to clarify the doubts that I still had from school. Moreover, the tutor could explain the concepts and the methods in a clear fashion that I could understand easily. Most important of all, I was able to apply the same methods when solving the questions in my school work as well as the prelim exam.

Q: What is/are your goal(s) for the O level? What will you do to achieve it?
A: My goals in this O level are to attain a distinction A1 in E Math as well as pursue my favourite diploma course in culinary and catering management successfully in a local polytechnic of my choice.
I will be more determined and focused in my revision with no place for complacency. More practices have to be done to deepen my familiarity with a wide range of questions and sharpen my problem solving skills. I believe that I will be more prepared and confident to give my best in the O level.

What Team Einstein says:

Jerrell has been exceptionally outstanding in E Math propelled by his drive for success. We are pleased with his remarkable performance but not forgetting to continue our preparations with him in greater depth. Beyond his prelim, we are rooting for him in the O level to hit all his targets!