SUCCESS 004 – S4 EX Physics SA1

SUCCESS 004 – S4 EX Physics SA1

Einstein Elite Team: S4 EX PHYSICS

2022 SA1 67% of cohort clinched A1 or A2. 17% achieved B3.

Q: What is the breakdown of the results?
A: Within the cohort of 6 students, 2 scored A1, 2scored A2 while 1 scored B3.

Q: How did the students achieve their desired grades?
A: The students were diligent and willing to put in the effort to achieve their desired grades. They put in time to do their daily revision and would ask the tutors to clarify any doubts they have on the subject matter. They understood that on top of tuition, good exam techniques, time management as well as daily revision play an important role in scoring a good grade for the exams.

Q: What did the tutors do to help the students in this subject?
A: The tutors gave encouragement to the students to never give up and inspire them to strive for good result. In addition, the tutors shared with students on specific steps to take in their daily revision on Physics. During the lesson, the tutors would also constantly test the students on key concepts to ensure that they remember them consistently. Based on the students’ performance, the tutors would not hesitate to go the extra mile to set additional questions so as to strengthen their understanding and boost their confidence in the core topics.        

Q: What changes were observed in the students over the course of study?
A: The students were able to comprehend the major Physics concepts more clearly and memorise them at their fingertips. Their answering techniques for the structured questions improved greatly as they were exposed to similar questions and were trained extensively how to solve them by applying the relevant concepts with the proper key words.

Q: How is Einstein Education Hub different from other centres?
A: Einstein places an emphasis on quality learning over quantity. The tutors are consistently checking on their students’ work and mark them accordingly to ensure that all the students follow the correct methodologies in answering the questions. In particular, the tutors do not rush through the teaching materials. Instead, they always ensure that all the students are crystal clear in the concepts/chapters during tuition before moving on to the next chapter. The tutors will also test the students thoroughly on the previous concepts to ensure that they do not forget what they have learnt.

What Team Einstein says about the Sec 4 EX Physics Class:

HOLD YOUR HEADS HIGH for your STELLAR PERFORMANCE! Continue to press on and keep up the excellence in the upcoming prelims and the O levels. We are behind you completely with loads of encouragement and beliefs!!