Success 003 – S1 EX Math WA2

Success 003 – S1 EX Math WA2

Einstein Elite Team:

Sec 1 EX Math Class

2022 WA2 100% of cohort clinched A1 or A2.

Q: What is the breakdown of the results?
A: Within the cohort of 4 students, 3 scored A1 and 1 scored A2.

Q: How did the students achieve their desired grades?
A: Consistency was the recipe to their success.  To build up their consistency was not an overnight task.  It took months of sheer effort and thorough guidance to raise their capabilities in Math in terms of their understanding, applications of methods, accuracies of steps and answers.  

Q: What did the tutors do to help the students in this subject?
A: A lot of emphasis on quality work done by the students in the class assignments and homework assignments.  Clear explanations are equally important as the tutors will want to hear from them what the steps mean exactly and test them regularly on the crucial concepts and the effective problem solving techniques to ensure that they are able to retain, recall and apply them accurately.         

Q: What changes were observed in the students over the course of study?
A: Positive changes were seen in their course of learning especially in the checking of work and the application of the methods.  They also show maturity and courage in terms of pinpointing errors and explaining the steps within the solutions.

Q: How is Einstein Education Hub different from other centres?
Einstein Education Hub does not just run through random questions and expect the students to know the essence of the topic.  Every single topic is covered in depth and full details.  The methods taught to the students are simple, effective and done step-by-step.  Likewise, the questions covered are highly relevant to what they will be tested in the school WAs or SA.  If any student develops major flaw in the topic, decisive steps are taken to fully address it so that it will not snow-ball into bigger problems subsequently.   

What Team Einstein says about Sec 1 EX Math Class:

The Sec 1 EX Math Class deserves a roaring applause for their FLYING COLOURS in the WA2 result. We are proud of their achievements.  Their unwavering effort and our constant guidance are the perfect ingredients for brewing excellence.  Congrats to them!! YIPPEE!!