SUCCESS 002 – Ashton O Level E Math, Combined Science

SUCCESS 002 – Ashton O Level E Math, Combined Science

Einstein Elite: Ashton Lee

2021 GCE O LEVEL E Math Grade B3, Combined Science

Grade B3

Q: What results did you receive in your prelim and O level?
A: For my prelim, I got C6 for both E Math and Combined Chemistry and F9 for Combined Physics. However, I worked hard and achieved B3 for both E Math and Combined Science (Physics / Chemistry) in the O level.

Q: What did you do after your prelim to improve your results on E Math and Combined Science?
A: I did a lot of practice papers that I found online including the TYS.

Q: What did the tutors do to help you in these subjects?
A: The tutors ensured that I memorised the formulas and concepts. If I did not understand, they would explain more thoroughly before moving on. In addition, they would encourage me to bring my own questions to clarify and guide me through in details on how to derive the solutions.

Q: How did the focus lessons help you?
A: There was a lot of emphasis on revising on the topics that I was weaker in which helped me to gain more knowledge and understanding on how to approach the questions from these topics.

Q: What do you think of Einstein Education Hub? How is it different from other tuition centre?
A: I think that the homework given out as well as the questions done in the class are gone through extensively. Thus, there are no lingering doubts afterwards. The tutors consistently push the students to think more which I find helps to push me to work harder.

What Team Einstein says about Ashton:

Ashton is a diligent student who perseveres in what he believes in. Over the course of his academic journey with Einstein Education, Ashton has shown improvement in his academic abilities. By constantly recapping and explaining the concepts in details, Ashton has shown an increase in his level of confidence in his E Math, Chemistry and Physics. This results in an improvement in the presentation of his answers and he is able to confidently answer more questions posed in class with greater accuracies and details. Also, through constant guidance from the tutor, Ashton is able to inoculate good study habits which helps him to succeed in the O level!