SUCCESS 001 – Sharvin O Level Combined Science

SUCCESS 001 – Sharvin O Level Combined Science

Einstein Elite: Sharvin

2021 GCE O LEVEL Combined Science Grade A1

Sharvin’s Success Motto: “Hardwork beats Talent!”

Q: What results did you receive in your prelims and O level?
A: For prelim, I got C5 for my Combined Chemistry. For my O Level, I strived for the best and scored an A1 in Combined Science.

Q: What did you do after your prelim to improve your results on Combined Chemistry?
A: I spent a lot of time remembering the crucial Chemistry concepts that the tutor emphasised during the tuition lessons. Moreover, I also did the TYS to ensure that I got enough practice to apply what I learnt in class.

Q: What did the tutors do to help you in these subjects?
A: The tutor ensured that I memorised the important Chemistry concepts. Furthermore, the tutor also pushed me to put in my best effort by testing me the major concepts throughout every lesson. I think it was very helpful as when I was doing the test and exams, the concepts and the answers came very naturally to me as it was covered very thoroughly by the tutor.

Q: What do you think of Einstein Education Hub? How is it different from other tuition centre?
A: The tutors are very helpful and never hesitate to offer their guidance regardless whether it is tuition homework or my own questions or school homework. The tuition notes provided are very useful and the questions are similar to exam standard.

What Team Einstein says about Sharvin:

Sharvin is an attentive and hardworking student who strives to do his best in his work. The prelim result did not discourage him from aiming high and achieving more in the O level. With constant encouragement from the tutor, Sharvin continues to persevere and push on in Chemistry. This is evident in his homework assignments as well as classwork. He puts in effort to internalise the important concepts taught in class and applies them correctly, connecting the dots in Chemistry. Armed with renewed confidence and abilities, Sharvin’s efforts and hardwork pay off with a solid A1 in the O level!