New Academic Goals in 2021

New Academic Goals in 2021

Mother and son achieving goals

2020 has been a volatile year with unprecedented 2 months of break from physical lessons in school.

Some students struggled to keep themselves abreast with the online topics during the HBL sessions. Together with a lack of motivation and a long absence from guided teachings, they lost interest in study and their academic results took a dive.

As the pandemic is under control in Singapore with the effective safeguard measures in place, 2021 is a year to refocus on the academics and realign the goals that were underachieved in 2020.

With all the help readily available, the students should find no excuse from picking themselves up from where they last fell and strive towards their goals in 2021.  Perhaps to kick-start their engines and stay focus in their course of study may be a challenge to some students, the parents and the teachers can lend their support to the students to overcome the obstacles together.

Set your goals early in 2021 especially for the students taking the major exams such as the PSLE, N level, O level and A level. Manage these goals along the way, adjust them when necessary. Be realistic, optimistic and hopeful that your goal will be realised with consistent effort and hard work. Nothing is impossible. Plan your route to success now.

Einstein takeaway

Setting a goal is a motivation for the students to prove their capabilities. However, setting an easy goal may raise complacency in the student, causing an unexpected drop in the results. Like a double-edged sword, setting too high a goal may stress out the student.

With 15 years of experience, Einstein has successfully guided the students to achieve their goals by bringing out the best in them. We know the ropes, how to develop the students to their fullest academic potential especially in the PSLE, N Level, O Level and A Level. Contact us now for the strategies to lead the students to meet their goals confidently with the Einstein Achievers’ Tuition Classes.