JC H2 Math Core Topic – Vectors

JC H2 Math Core Topic – Vectors

The topic of vectors is one of the most pervasive mathematical concepts being created. Whether it is to store an array in computing, or to represent an eigenstate in quantum mechanics, the use of vectors is essential in all fields of sciences, computing and engineering. Hence, it is deemed fit that the topic of vectors should be taught to students who are sitting for the A level H2 Mathematics exam.

For the students to excel in this topic, it is highly imperative that students must gain mastery over the followings:

Dot and Cross products
The concepts of dot and cross products will be one of the many concepts that students will encounter during the A levels. Students should not just take these products too lightly, as the use of both products is required to answer every vector question that could be encountered.

Not only do students need to know the algorithm to perform such products, but they must also understand the abstract and geometrical results of dot and cross products. As such, common questions could include finding distances between points, angles between lines and areas of different geometric shapes as shown below.

Lines and Planes
During O level, students had been acquainted with the equation of a line on a 2D Cartesian plane. In A level, students must now comprehend vector equations of lines and planes in a 3D Cartesian space. As stated previously, the use of dot and cross products is essential in representing lines and planes in vector equations.

Since lines and planes are common geometrical representations of vector equations, students not only must attain mastery of the algorithmic calculations of lines and planes, but also appreciate their abstract and geometric meanings. This higher level of understanding is critical especially in solving vector application-based questions during the exam.

Einstein Takeaways
The A level H2 Mathematics course is an abstract course which requires a deep application of the methods and accuracy of the working steps in order for a good score to be awarded. The topic of vectors is one of the major topics to be covered in J1 that some students may not comprehend the complexity or visualize the geometrical application of it. Einstein bridges these gaps with clear and detailed explanations, focusing on the student’s mastery of the problem solving techniques and their explanatory skills on the important vector concepts including its applications. Einstein delivers the lesson in a customised pace by NOT rushing through, ensuring that the students fully understand before moving on. Get a free trial lesson to join the dots in H2 Math with Einstein.