Why is Mathematics important?

Why is Mathematics important?

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Many students in Singapore feel that maths is a boring and difficult subject for them. Students can be demoralized with poor math scores, wondering why math is important in the first place.

Instead, think about it this way. When you go grocery shopping, you will do simple math to add up the total cost of your grocery.

Math is part of our daily lives and therefore, it is an important subject you should not forgo.

Math broadens your options.

As a student, you might be thinking, I am not planning, to become a mathematician, scientist, or on taking any engineering courses. So, is math really a subject that I should focus on?

The answer is yes, definitely.

You might plan to take a course in Polytechnic that doesn’t really require math. However, think about it, after graduating and getting your diploma, you might enroll in a University. You will need math in during your study in Uni hence, being good in math will give you an advantage. Especially having the fundamentals of E math is a must.

If you plan to enroll to a Junior College, it is crucial for you to choose A math when choosing subjects in Secondary 2. For an example, to take H2 math in JC, they would require you to pass A math. Here’s the breakdown of the difference between E math and A math.


Elementary math also known as E-math, is a compulsory subject that all Secondary school students take. E math is more focused on the everyday application of math such as estimation and measurement. In E-math, the questions are simpler, shorter and more straightforward as compared to A math.


Additional math also known as A-math, is an optional subject for Secondary students to take. This is an important subject for students planning to go JC or enrolling in certain Polytechnic courses for an example, engineering.

As compared to E-math, A-math is more complex and algebra-driven. It requires higher levels of understanding and typically concepts are more complex. Although A-math is usually taken by students confident in maths, they still go for A-math tuition to secure their grades.

Shop smarter and better than others.

shopping at better prices with the help of math tuition

With math, you can develop great mental arithmetic skills. Have you ever encountered a situation where you were shopping at a mall during a sales period? Where you had to constantly use your calculator to help calculate the discounted prices?

Being good in math will aid your knowledge on percentages, which helps you calculate discounted prices faster than others. Not only calculating discounted prices but, checking if you have been charged correctly for what you have ordered. Figuring which discount codes to use to get the best deal. Math will help you shop smarter and steal a better deal.

Math improves your intelligence.

Intelligence quotient also known as IQ, is not fixed at birth. It is a variable factor which could be improved overtime and with the help of math. Studies suggested that at an early age, children who can solve basic arithmetic problems are more prepared to tackle more complex questions.

Regular math practices, be it revising/revisiting old topics or learning a new concept, helps build up your mental capabilities. Numeracy is used in our daily lives and sometimes we don’t even realise it. Therefore, we need to ensure that we have the math skills at our fingertips to be prepared when we need it the most.

Just as we say, learning is a lifelong process, it is never too late or early to start learning or practicing math. With constant practice, we can apply in-depth knowledge and skills to our daily lives.

Develops your analytical skill and problem-solving skill.

math tuition helps analytical & problem solving skills

Math is not just about numbers and equations. It is a language that expresses relationships between data points, variables and different entities. A popular field of application of mathematics, is statistics.

Analytical thinking is the ability to break down a math problem into a simple expression. Through the practice of math, we develop our analytical and critical thinking capacities. This helps us to think critically about the world around us, and thus resolve problems in a rational way.

Be the popular friend among your friends.

Think about the time when you were a student or if you are still studying now. During math lessons, there will always be that friend, classmate or maybe you are known the on best in math, aka “math genius”. They are always being approached by other students during math lessons for help. Kind of like the class E math tuition teacher.

Apart from the school setting, think about your lunch or dinner meetups. Have you ever encountered an awkward confusion where everyone is sitting at the table trying to divide the bill? What’s better than having a friend that can split the bill in an instant. Be known among your friend group as the cool friend that can do quick mental math.

Math is a universal language

math tuition allows you to communicate across the globe

Many of us Singaporeans are bilingual, but we do not know all the thousands of languages across the globe. However, math is universally understood across all the different countries, languages and cultures. Math is the same everywhere in the world. For an example, a math equation doesn’t need Google translate to translate it to another language, as simple as, 3 + 3 = 6.

Different countries have their different units of measurement. Such as in Singapore, we measure length in cm (centimetres) while the US measures it in inches. But regardless of the different unit measurement, 100cm will always be equalled to 39.37 inches.

In the same context of math being a universal language, think about the time when you travelled overseas where you do not speak the same language. Have you ever come across this scenario where you wanted to buy various products at a discounted price? Due to the language barrier, you and the store owner started using a calculator to show the bargained price. Being good at math will also prevent you from getting scammed when you are overseas. Therefore, math is an important that you should not give up on.

Einstein Takeaway

Mathematics is a highly important subject that you should not neglect. It may be a tougher subject for some but persevering through will definitely bring good outcomes. This is where E math tuition and A math tuition are valuable. Having the extra attention by qualified tutors will allow you or your child to fully grasp the topics.

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