How To Find Good O-Level Math Tuition?

How To Find Good O-Level Math Tuition?

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In the Singapore, a great focus is placed on achieving outstanding academic results. After Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). As a parent, you will be faced with greater pressure to prepare your child for the next milestone which is the GCE O level examination.

Students are faced with greater stress which eventually leads to them losing interest in the subjects that they are learning. Studies have shown that students are able to achieve better results when they enjoy what they are learning.

In recent years, more upper secondary school students encounter difficulties in Secondary 3 A-math and Secondary 3 E-math. The learning curve becomes steeper as one transits from Lower Secondary to Upper Secondary.

On top of that, A-Math is a new subject which requires students to solve more complex problems. To bridge the learning gap, parents often need to seek for external help.

Why Your Child Needs Math tuition?

Clarifying Concepts

Tuition is not a replacement of schools’ education, it is an aid for students. It should focus on building up the concepts that have been taught in school.

The classroom setting may not be suitable for everyone’s learning. Teachers in school are required to complete the syllabus in time, as such they will need to follow a pre-defined pace. Unfortunately, this pace may not be optimal for your child’s learning style. If so, your child may require help from outside of the class to keep up with his or her peers.

Some concepts introduced in secondary 3 maths are built upon the lower secondary mathematic concepts. If students do not have a good foundation, they may struggle to understand what is taught in class when teachers do not give a refresher course.

Hence, tuition is a place where your child can clarify the concepts that they are unsure of and strengthen their foundation. This helps them to catchup with the pace of the lessons taught in school and build up their confidence when they are tasked to complete their assignments.

Supervise their Progress

Revision is important as it helps students to fully grasp what was taught in school. However, students often lack the motivation and discipline to revise what they have learnt in class.

As a parent, you may be busy with work, and thus unable to supervise your child’s progress. To address this problem, tutors can work together with you to ensure that your child is able to catch up with what was taught in school.

How to Find Good Math tuition?

It is important to find a suitable math tuition to help your child improve his progress in school. Below are some factors you need to consider when looking for a suitable math tuition for your child.

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Quality Tutors

It is important to find a tuition with good quality tutors. Some characteristics of a good tutor includes:

  • Passionate
  • Approachable
  • Experienced
  • Motivational
  • Excellent Credential

A good tutor can make learning fun and engaging for your child, inspiring them to have the hunger to acquire more knowledge. An experienced tutor can unpack challenging concepts with clear explanations for your child.

Many times, a tutor’s job goes beyond teaching. Students may be discouraged by their performance in school which makes them less interested in the subject. Having a tutor who believes in them can motivate them to try again and work towards their fullest potential.

Quality of Resources

As time goes by, examination questions for secondary 3 maths begin to put more focus on testing a student’s understanding of the concepts. It is important for students to be exposed to more application-based math questions.

Instead of drilling them with standard questions, a full understanding of the concepts will give them the ability to apply the same concepts even when the question changes. When your child is exposed to more questions, they will be trained to better analyze the problems.

The quality of resources available will help your child to understand the concepts better.

Class Size

Some students require more attention as they need more help in understanding the question and applying the concepts. A bigger class means the attention given to your child will be much lesser as compared to a smaller class.

If your child needs more help, then tuition may fit him or her well as class sizes tend to be smaller. With less students per class, tutors have more time to dedicate to each child as opposed to school teachers.

Furthermore, tutors will be able to point out specifically what areas your child is weaker at and focus on them. In a group setting, this is more difficult to achieve as the tutor will need to tend to the needs of many students.

Affordable Rates

Parents spent a large portion of the family expense on education. Thus, an affordable tuition rate will definitely help to lighten your financial burden.

Students may struggle with more than one subject in school, so you may need to send them to multiple tuition classes. Which means tuition fee will make up a greater portion of your expenses.

Tuition with a larger group of students will usually quote a lower tuition rate. It is important that you be clear on the budget for your child’s tuition. This will help you to find a good balance between the tuition fee and the quality of service offered.


When you are looking for a math tuition for your child, you should consider the testimonials. The testimonials will give you an idea of the tutor’s teaching experience and ability to produce good results.

The testimonials can help you to find out which tutor is more suitable for your child’s learning. Different students will require a different type of tutor.

If your child is afraid of asking questions under pressure, you may prefer a more cheerful tutor who is able to connect with your child and create a safe environment to ask questions. On the other hand, if your child needs to be more disciplined, you may prefer a tutor who is stricter.

A tuition center with good testimonials will reflect the quality of the tutors available and ensure that your child is in good hands.

Einstein’s Takeaway

At Einstein Education Hub, we believe that quality tutors can be found so long as you are patient and careful with the selection process. You should not compromise on the quality of tuition given to your child as it will have a huge impact on his or her ‘O’ Level grades,

More importantly, good tutors can also ignite your children’s interest in studies and help them to realise their full potential.