Amazing N level E Math Class of 2020

Amazing N level E Math Class of 2020

Group of asian young people.

The class of 2020 (6 students) produced a stellar performance in the N level E Math exam, notching the following grades:

A1: 1 student

A2: 2 students

B3: 1 student

B4: 2 students

All of them outperformed in the N level as compared to their prelim results, improving by at least 1 grade.  None of them scored any distinction during the prelim but 3 eventually pulled off with A1 or A2. A couple of students were in fact scoring borderline results in the prelim but capped off their N level with at least a B grade.

Notable learning qualities of Class 2020:

  1. Consistent attendance
  2. Weekly assignments completed with every question attempted
  3. Follow tuition lesson closely
  4. Take initiatives to ask questions when in doubt

The Class of 2020 was adamant to get through the N level with improved performance. Some of them attended the focus lesson to further reinforce their weak topics and drill themselves on the exam based questions. Together with the tutors’ constant push and encouragement, their hardwork and effort were finally paid off with their achievements in the N level. 

Einstein wishes to congratulate the Class of 2020,
“All of u are superb! We are very proud of your excellent performance in the N level!!” 

Einstein takeaway

Consistency is the key to learning and improving. The depth of determination is tremendous, providing the students with the drive to succeed. Forget about the past results. Focus on the route to success in the future. Contact us now and share with us your concerns for your child in the N level. Einstein definitely has all the expertise to plan out a winning strategy with the Achievers’ N level E Math tuition classes .