2020 WA1 Results

2020 WA1 Results

Aidan S3 EX A Math: 88% High A1

Well done AIDAN for your excellent performance in Amath!!

Mayvadee S3 EX Combined Chemistry: 80% High A1

Wow! A chemist in the making Mayvadee!!

Eve S1 EX Math: 95% Super High A1

Wooaahh! Your Math performance is the BEST, EVE!!

Hermanth S4 EX A Math: 97% Super High A1

Hats off to you Hermanth! What a perfect score in Amath!!

Mern Ke S3 NA Chemistry: 70% A2

Yoyo Mern Ke! Very impressive performance in your Chemistry. Thumbs UP!!

Wynson S1 NA Chinese: 77.5% A1

Wynson, a very bright score in Chinese! So proud of YOU!!

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