A Math Core Topic – Differentation

A Math Core Topic – Differentation

The Importance in O level and  Beyond

Differentiation is a major topic in the A Maths syllabus. Together with the topic of integration, it covers up to almost half of the syllabus. Furthermore, differentiation is considered to be a fundamental topic when pursuing further studies, beyond the O level. It doesn’t matter if the student is undertaking the JC route or the poly route, differentiation is considered a key element that a student must master in order to succeed in other tertiary courses. This is especially so if the student is pursuing courses in the STEM sector.

Although the topic of differentiation will be covered again during the start of their post-secondary studies, it is not a promise that this topic will be taught at a comfortable pace for the student. Therefore, it’s best to have an early and good understanding of differentiation in the secondary school and be ready for their upcoming endeavours beyond the O level.

The different components and How to tackle this topic well?

At the entry level, students should know the proper techniques of differentiating basic expressions. This includes differentiating algebraic expressions, trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions. Students should also comprehend what these differentiations stand for in terms of graphical representation and mathematical meaning. These, together with a strong fundamental of their mathematical laws (Algebra, Trigonometry and Logarithm), will form their building blocks in differentiation before they progress onto the advanced concepts.

Once the students have mastered the basic concepts, they must know the various methods present in differentiation. Namely, the three rules: The chain rule, the product rule and the quotient rule. Students must, first and foremost, know how to identify when they need to apply these rules. No matter how complex an expression gets, students must bear in mind that the methods of differentiation do not stray from these fundamental rules.

By knowing these rules well, students will be able to get a strong sense of what is happening when the topic advances to application of concepts in practical problems. Here, students will be introduced to maxima and minima, second order differentials, how they are being applied and what they mean in practical problems.


Strengths of Einstein A Math Achievers’ Program

Einstein Education has provided an excellent syllabus in taking the students through the topic one step at a time, giving the students opportunities to grasp the topic well and at a good learning pace. The topics are also broken down into simpler and more manageable parts, complete with detailed methods on tackling different types of questions, so that the students can be better equipped with the know-hows during the O level.

Einstein Takeaway

Differentiations is an important concept to be acquired and applied in many engineering and science tertiary modules.  As such, students should prioritise and focus on this topic right from the start in the O level.  If you or your child has keen interest to pursue Engineering, Science or technology courses after the O level and he or she has strong desire to excel in A Math, do let us know. We have the expertise to propel you or your child’s performance in A Math to the top.  With the right balance of guidance and support, Einstein can walk the talk together with you or your child to achieve success in A Math. Contact us now!