Which Tutor Suits Your Child Best?

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Which Tutor Suits Your Child Best?

Parents in Singapore are known to have a strong commitment in grooming their children since young especially on ensuring that their children excel in the education system. Engaging a tutor is one channel that the parents rely on to close the gap that their children face in their learning endeavors. As a matter of fact, the private education industry is providing parents with the luxury of choices and thus choosing the right tutor can be a daunting process to some parents.  We will examine the 3 main categories of tutors and how they can assist parents in meeting their children’s educational needs.


Part-time tutors

This is the cheapest option of the three in terms of tuition fees. Part-time tutors are usually students of higher education who have previously scored well in the subject of choice. They are mostly existing students who are pursuing diploma, A level or degree course. Additionally,some are working adults who wish to utilise their free time to help students in their academics.  These tutors have the least teaching experience, and their teaching expertise is dependent of their personal knowledge and understanding on the syllabus. Their rates often wary according to their experience in giving tuition as well as their track record of results in their O levels and A levels. Some parents actually prefer part time tutors as their child may only require help on certain topics.


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Full-time tutors

Full-time tutors are tutors who teach as a profession. In general, they are much more experienced than part-time tutors in terms of teaching skills and methods of solving questions. They take up 1-on-1 sessions as well as group sessions almost on a daily basis. These tutors dedicate their entire time to tutoring and are fully committed to the students and the classes that they are teaching. The tuition fees are definitely higher than those charged by the part-time tutors as the full-time tutors have more in-depth understanding of the MOE’s syllabus and the drive to motivate the students to excel. Most parents will prefer full-time tutors for their professionalism, reliability and detailed explanations of critical concepts.


Ex / Current MOE teachers

This is the most sought-after, and likely to be the most expensive among the three that are mentioned here. These are the tutors who are teaching or once taught in MOE schools. Their vast teaching experience and extensive knowledge of the syllabus put them at ease with full confidence when they are teaching the subject. As MOE teachers hold their day job in local schools, they may not be able to hold as many tuition sessions as they wish due to their school workload and busy schedule.  Some parents may shy away from engaging ex/current MOE teachers due to the premium tuition fees they command even though they have the most relevant teaching qualifications.



Einstein’s takeaway:

It takes more than what parents can imagine to find the right tutor for their children.  It may be time consuming and even frustrating in the matching process but never leave it to fate or luck to find the right one.

How do parents assess whether the tutors they hire really fit the bill?

Should their children have the final say on who should be teaching them?

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