Upper Secondary Chinese


  • Produce a crystal clear reading with the correct pronunciation of the Chinese characters, infusing emotions and mood satisfying the various scenes in the passage to captivate the interests of the examiners.
  • Analyse the videos and focus on the details in each scene.  Recollect the scenes, assess the questions instantly and thoroughly and deliver a matured opinion addressing the situation shown in the video with elaborations on the details to impress the examiner.


Listening Comprehension
  • Listen attentively to the audio text with full emphasis on the questions and constantly analyse the audio text to fish out the correct answer.


Cloze passage
  • Read through the passage thoroughly and understand the events that take place sequentially.  Study the given choices in each question, assess the meaning of each choice and analyse the sentence itself, the sentences before and after to ensure that the selected answer fit well into the context of the passage.
  • Go through the entire passage a few times and make sense of the events in each paragraph.  Analyse the question and locate the answer from the passage, presenting it in correct sentence structure with all the required details.  Read in between the words to infer the meaning and think through the question thoroughly and provide the answer precisely according to what the question wants.


  • Situational writing. Apply the format for email and letter correctly and deliver the content with the main points explained and details elaborated in the correct sentence structure.  Use the correct tone for informal wiring (casual tone in personal email between friends and relatives) and formal writing (serious tone in official email, complaint letters and proposals).


  • Argumentative writing.  Study the question thoroughly and produce a mind map with the main points supporting for and against the stand.  Write out the introduction with the stand clearly made.  State the main point supporting the stand as the topic sentence in each paragraph, elaborating in further details with supporting data.  Explain also the main point against the stand to provide a balanced essay.  Round up the essay by reinforcing the stand with a sound conclusion.

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