SUCCESS 020: Derrick O Level A Math, E Math, Pure Chemistry

SUCCESS 020: Derrick O Level A Math, E Math, Pure Chemistry

Einstein Elite: Derrick

O Level Grade: E Math A1, A Math A1, Pure Chemistry A2

Derrick’s Success Motto: “Trust the systems!”

Q: What results did you receive in your O level and the prelim?

I had been faring well consistently throughout 2023. In my prelim, I pushed myself to achieve distinctions A1 in both E Math and Chemistry as well as B3 in A Math. I pressed on and strived my best in the O level, hitting straight distinctions A1 in both A Math and E Math and A2 in Pure Chemistry.

Q: What did you do in the entire year of Sec 4 to achieve your results? How was it different from the way you studied last time?

Previously in Sec 3, my main form of revision was only reading the notes from the school and the tuition centre. I did not practise much and end up spending less time for revision in Sec 3 than Sec 4. Going into Sec 4, I tweaked my revision plan. I focused a lot more on sharpening my answering techniques and application skills for the exam-based questions.

For Pure Chemistry, I did the TYS and even accomplished 10 sets of prelim papers given by my school teacher. I was in turn readily equipped with the know-hows on applying the concepts onto the questions with the relevant details.

For E Math, I did both the topical TYS to strengthen the core topics from Sec 1 to Sec 3 and the yearly TYS to raise my overall competency in all the topics. I also did a few prelim papers to further expand my knowledge of exam-based questions.

For A Math, before the prelim, I concentrated on the prelim papers to gain exposure to the challenging questions. Leading up to the O level, I did the recent yearly TYS (2019 to 2022) to be well prepared for the latest trend of questions that would be more likely to be tested in the O level.

Q: What did the tutors in the Achievers’ classes do to help you in these subjects?

In the A Math Achievers’ class, the tutor was super helpful in closing the gaps in my understanding of the topics. His explanations were crystal clear which enabled me to understand the topics and questions clearly as well as how to solve the questions effectively.

In the Pure Chemistry Achievers’ class, there were certain topics that I was very weak in. The tutor gave thorough explanations with very good and highly comprehensible examples. That cleared my misconceptions and helped me to understand the concepts much better.

In the E Math Achievers’ class, I struggled with the questions on real world context. However, the tutor could simplify the massive information within the questions skilfully and trained me to think more such that I could derive the solution in a systematic manner.

Q: What do you think of Einstein Education Hub? How is it different from other tuition centre?

The tuition centre really builds up the foundation of the students in the subjects that they are weak in. That helps a lot!

What Team Einstein says:

Excellent result, brilliant performance, Derrick! We are extremely impressed and proud of your superb achievement!! Keep up the super positive study attitude to achieve more milestones in your academic endeavours, U are amazing!!!