SUCCESS 016: Nav Sec 3 2023 EOY Exam Grade: A Math A1

SUCCESS 016: Nav Sec 3 2023 EOY Exam Grade: A Math A1

Einstein Elite: Nav

Sec 3 2023 EOY Exam Grade: A Math A1

Nav’s Success Motto: “Don’t give up!”

Q: What results did you get for A Math in the Sec 3 WA3 and the EOY exam this year?

My performance in the WA3 was below par, I scraped through with C6. For my EOY exam, I made all my efforts count, my A Math result soared to a record-breaking distinction A1.

Q: What did you do in your preparation for the EOY exam this time round and how was it different from last time?

Last time, after my 5 days of OBS from school, I could not catch up with the A Math lessons in school. My A Math became shaky and my revision was mainly just doing the A Math homework assigned by my school. For my EOY exam revision, I used the learning materials provided by the tuition centre to perfect my skills. I followed the tutor’s advice to adopt daily revision at home with more time spent on revision during the weekends. I was also able to clarify my questions with the tutors at the end of each tuition lesson. Thus, I felt that I was more prepared and confident for my EOY exam this time round.

Q: What do the tutors in the Achievers’ class do to help you in this subject?

The tutors are very detailed in their explanations during the tuition lessons which help to clear my misconceptions. They identify the common errors that the students are prone to make, consistently remind everyone to be careful and avoid the mistakes while doing the questions in class. The tuition materials provided are comprehensive in the sense there are many relevant exam-based questions for me to apply the methods to practise on.

Q : What is your target for next year? What will you do to achieve it?

My target is to achieve A1 in A Math for the O level exam. I will continue the good revision habits of clarifying questions with the tutors and study 1 month in advance for all the WAs, prelims and O level next year.

What Team Einstein says:

A championship performance, Nav! Well done for your sterling result!! We are absolutely impressed by your resolute faith to be the top in A Math. Your consistency and competency show it all in this EOY exam. Keep up your excellent performance all the way to the O level next year!!