SUCCESS 015: Nivedha H2 Math A

SUCCESS 015: Nivedha H2 Math A

Einstein Elite: Nivedha

J1 2023 Promo Exam Grade: H2 Math A

Nivedha’s Success Motto: “Never give up!”

Q: What results did you get for H2 Math in the WA1, WA2 and promotional exam this year?

My WA1 and WA2 were not well done. I underperformed in WA1 with a grade E. Although I did improve to a grade D in my WA2, it was far from satisfactory. I worked my socks off and was rewarded with a distinction A in my year-end promo!

Q: What did you do in your preparation for the Promo exam this time round and how was it different from last time?

I attempted many practice papers for my promo, making sure to time myself while doing the questions. The exposure to a myriad of exam-based questions with time control really helped me improve gradually with each successive paper. Especially for the initial papers, I brought them to the tutor to clarify my doubts and gain a better understanding of the methods required to solve the questions. This raised my confidence for I was more aware of the proper methods and knew how to apply them correctly onto the questions.

Q: What do the tutors in the Achievers’ class do to help you in this subject?

I can understand clearly and easily what the tutor explains during the Math tuition lessons. The tutor will not hesitate to re-explain the solutions or concepts and set further examples until I understand them completely. Besides verbal explanations, the tutor also uses models and diagrams to illustrate the mathematical concepts which helps a lot with the explanation. Furthermore, the tutor is respectful of my learning needs and pace, never rushes through the lessons which fits well my learning capacity.

Q: What is your target for next year? What will you do to achieve it?

I will continue to strive for distinction, A. I will maintain my consistency in my current revision regime, not forgetting to clarify any doubt with the tutor.

What Team Einstein says:

Nivedha has demonstrated immense determination and superb effort to execute an effective study plan to bring out her best in Math. “Super impressive performance, Nivedha! We are jubilant over your excellent result and really proud of you!”