Start tuition early for 2021

Start tuition early for 2021

kid taking down notes during tuition lesson

2020 has been the most challenging year in recent times. With the pandemic falling on Singapore, the daily lives of Singaporeans, not to mention the students, have been affected.

Learning has taken a different dimension during the pandemic with the prevalence of online learning. In the midst of uncertainties and increased anxieties, consistency in learning has been disrupted to a certain extent in 2020.

Challenges to learning in 2020

– Lack of motivation and self discipline

– Lack of supervision from teachers

– Varied effects from online learning

– Increase in distractions away from studies

These challenges must be overcome in 2021 with renewed focus. Now that the pandemic curve has been successfully flattened in Singapore, learning can resume to almost its full potential. Source for a reliable and reputable tuition centre or tutor to build up the encouragement and support to the students in the new academic year. Learn from the experienced trainers for the good study tips. Start early and give your child the push that is dearly missing in 2020.

Advantages to start tuition early for 2021

– Good headstart

– Clarify the misconceptions from 2020

– Learn the new topics ahead of the school

– Develop consistency and good habits in learning

– Raise confidence

Reap the advantageous benefits of a strong headstart for your child today.

Einstein Takeaways

Learning requires a good mix of consistencies, guidance and hard work. Take the first step to source for help by shortlisting a few tuition centres. Hear them out what they can do to help your child. Contact us now for the Einstein Achievers’ Tuition Classes. With 15 years of experience, we know what works for your child.