Recharge the Core Subjects

Recharge the Core Subjects

The 2022 EOY (end-of-year) exams have drawn to a close.


The year-end school holidays in November and December are not only a good time for students to rejuvenate themselves, but also a golden window for them to reflect on their academic performance in 2022.


All the topics in primary, secondary and JC are inter-related throughout the course of study. Thus, consistent performance in these topics will pave the way for the students to master the higher-level concepts confidently next year.


As a parent concerning about your child’s studies, if your son or daughter is not faring up to satisfaction in the recent EOY exams due to a lapse in consistency, this will be the right time for the students to pull up their socks and get back on the right track during the holidays. Make good use of the break in November and December to catch up on the core topics that are holding the students back in their progress.


Recharge the knowledge, understanding and application of the important concepts that will go on to boost the performance of the students next year. With the Einstein holiday intensive classes, the major gaps can be closed up and the confusions can be cleared with renewed confidence.


Let Einstein lend a helping hand to your child’s academic recovery during the school holidays. Contact us to find out more details on how we can turn your child’s grades around.