Lower Secondary Chinese



  • Read aloud the passage with the correct pronunciation and intonation of all the Chinese words, filling the main characters and scenes in the passage with specific emotions to make the story come alive.
  • Analyse the video and remember the details of the scenes.  Provide a sensible opinion relating to the scene using relevant Chinese vocabulary words string up in a correct sentence structure.


Listening Comprehension
  • Listen to the audio text and focus on the details.  Analyse the questions, study the given choices in depth before selecting the correct answer.


  • Situational writing.  Remember the correct format for email and letter.  Write out the content with the given points and further elaborate on the details.  Use the correct tone for formal writing such as feedback and complaint and informal writing such as personal email.
  • Narrative writing.  Brainstorm the plot and the main events, applying the Chinese vocabulary words and idioms to describe the actions, characters and feelings.  Enhance the fluency of the story with correct sentence structure, splendid openings and strong closings.
  • Argumentative writing. Make a stand relating to the question but still provide arguments for both sides to derive a balanced essay. Make sensible explanations on the main points and further elaborate with details and data.  Complete the essay by ending with a sound conclusion that reinforces the stand.
  • Read through the text thoroughly and understand the main events in the passage, linking them up and make sense of the entire passage.  Analyse certain sentences in the passage by reading in between the words and derive the meaning behind it.  Comprehend the questions, locate the answer from the passage and write it out in correct sentence structure with clear explanations.


Cloze passage
  • Understand the passage especially the sentences with the blanks, analysing the given choices and apply the correct answer into the sentence that best describes the context of the passage.

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