JC Tuition For Success

The A level is a pre-university course. Being the fastest route to the University degree courses, the A level course is a popular route for many students who aspire to pursue a degree in the local or overseas universities.

However, the number of placings for junior colleges (JC) is limited. Students with better O level scores will therefore stand a higher chance in securing a place in the JC.

Successful acceptance into a JC is the beginning of a 2 year challenge program. The A level course is definitely a different level playing field as compared to the O level course.

Misconceptions of the
A level course:

  • students can settle down after enjoying their “honeymoon” in the first 2 months of JC.
  • students can snow ball their doubts during lectures and catch up during the tutorials.
  • students can choose to do minimum tutorial questions and understand what the tutor is going through during the tutorials.

These misconceptions often hinder the progress of the students and adversely affect their academic performance and results. Since the A level course is almost a tertiary course which enables students to have more freedom over their studies, a high level of self discipline is required to produce the consistency throughout the entire course.

Effective A level
study tips:

High attendance records in lectures and tutorials

Intense focus during lectures and tutorials

Clarify doubts quickly

Consistent completion of the tutorial assignments

Thorough revision before tests and exams

With proper time management and the drive to succeed, the A level course will realise the goals of many students in pursuing their preferred degree course in their desired universities.

Key benefits:

1. Build up a good understanding of the new topics ahead of the school.
2. Raise confidence and performance with the effective methods taught at Einstein.
3. Reduce stress and anxiety in the PSLE, N Level, O Level and A Level with renewed confidence from the success creators at Einstein.

Highlights of the Einstein Achievers' Tuition Classes:

1. Teach topic by topic in full details.
2. Impart core knowledge and effective problem solving skills to the students in a step by step approach.
3. Train up the students with the Einstein critical mind to boost their analytical and explanatory skills in answering structured questions precisely.

Value-added features:

1. Einstein creators of success: Full time educators with years of experience and specialised trainings under the Einstein success program to bring out the best of the students.
2. Go the extra mile: Extensions of lessons are free of charge.
3. Homework assignments: Homework will be assigned every lesson, thoroughly explained and marked.

Savings for you:

1. No deposit.
2. Monthly payment. No lump sum collection of tuition fees.
3. Flat monthly fees (4 weeks or 5 weeks)
4. Special mention: S4 Pure Chem 2.5h weekly. S4 Pure Chem 2 x 1.5h weekly. S4 Pure Phy 2 x 1.5h weekly. S4 Amath 2.5h weekly. S4 Emath 2.5h weekly. Same monthly fees @$180 per subject.

Einstein Takeaways

The A level course is an abstract course. Students are expected to pick up critical thinking skills in the fast paced JC. Take strong initiatives to keep up with the progress of the heavy content. Do not hesitate to seek professional guidance on the abstract concepts. Einstein Achievers’ JC Tuition Classes, with 15 years of high quality education, keep you moving forward to your goal – your choice university.

Be the 1st to succeed. Trial lessons are open for booking. Contact us now. Your child’s achievements are our motivations!