Holiday Intensive Program

Holiday Intensive Program

Recharge – Holiday Intensive Programs

The 2023 EOY (end-of-year) exams have drawn to a close.

The year-end school holidays in November and December are an important window for the students to reflect on their academic performance in 2023 especially for those who are sitting for the major national examinations such as the PSLE, N level, O level and A level in 2024.

In fact, all the topics in primary, secondary and JC are inter-related throughout the course of study. Thus, building a sound knowledge and consistent performance in these topics are pivotal for the students to succeed in their studies.

As a parent concerning about your child’s studies, if your son or daughter is not faring up to satisfaction in the recent EOY exams due to a lapse in consistency, this will be the right time for the students to re-focus and move up the right track during the holidaysMake good arrangements for your children to get the necessary guidance and support needed to catch up on the core topics that are holding them back in their progress.

Every year, the students who sign up for the year-end holiday intensive programs @Einstein recharge their knowledge substantially.  With the team of Einstein educators working closely together, these students master the critical topics that they struggled in previously.  They are also equipped with new skills and new-found confidence to put them on the right footing in school at the start of  the next academic year.

Einstein Holiday Intensive Programs Highlights

    1. Small group of 3 students
    2. Individual coaching with personal attention
    3. Customise lessons according to the student’s learning needs
    4. Extensive coverage on the core topics
    5. Clarify misconceptions
    6. Trouble shoot the ineffective answering techniques
    7. In-house trainings of explanatory and thinking skills
    8. Set achievable targets
    9. Regular assessments to track holiday performance
    10. Detailed report to parents on the student’s progress

The holiday intensive programs @Einstein have helped many batches of students over the years to regain their academic proficiencies.  More importantly, they have found a new self-belief that they can better their performance over time with the right support and guidance.  Let Einstein lend a helping hand to your child’s academic recovery during the school holidays.  Contact us to find out more details on the holiday intensive programs and sign up for a free trial lesson.