Einstein Elite Team: J2 H2 PHYSICS

Einstein Elite Team: J2 H2 PHYSICS

Einstein Elite Team: J2 H2 PHYSICS

2023 Prelim 50% of cohort clinched A and B.

Q: What is the breakdown of the results?

Out of a cohort of 6 students in the J2 H2 Physics class, 1 student clinched A, 2 of them achieved B and 3 others scored C. In fact, several of them improved at least 1 grade from the last WA.

Q: How did the students achieve their desired grades?

The students put in consistent hard work and effort throughout the entire year, reaping the benefits of a year-long continuous revision without snowballing it to the end.

Q: What did the tutors do to help the students in this subject?

The tutors spared no effort to ensure that at all points in time, the students had acquired the understanding of the concepts for the questions on hand as well as the current topics. The tutors would not hesitate to clarify and address the doubts that the students had. Through observations and guidance, not only were the students able to apply the effective methods to successfully complete the questions, but also had a deeper understanding to approach any question that was related to the subject matter.

Q: What changes were observed in the students over the course of study?

The students’ presentation of their solutions and the steps written to complete the questions had improved. More significantly, the students’ train of thoughts on how to approach and complete the questions, in terms of both calculations and explanations, had changed for the better. The students thus demonstrated more confidence in not only answering the questions, but also justifying the methods they used and the explanations behind them.

Q: How is Einstein Education Hub different from other centres?

Einstein ensures that no student is left behind. Every single doubt has to be addressed for the students will be tested on it in their subsequent assessments or exams. Being able to understand the challenges in learning from the perspectives of the students, the tutors @Einstein readily explain the abstract concepts in simplified ways to make sure that the students can appreciate them meaningfully. What stands out is the tutors’ commitment and the extensive trainings to equip the students with the analytical skills, answering techniques and confidence to excel in their exams.

What Team Einstein says about the J2 Physics Class:

The Class of J2 Physics has performed incredibly well beyond their belief, a huge and heartfelt congrat to each and every single student. Einstein is fully focused to bring out the best in all the students to peak in the A level exam. “Nothing is stronger than your determinations, continue to pour in consistent hard work and your efforts will be duly rewarded!”