2024 JC Master Class

2024 JC Master Class

Track Record

Einstein has been delivering premium quality JC Math and Physics tuition since its inception in 2006. Always highly focus on the students’ progress and performance, Einstein strongly implements a small class size of 1 to 6 students. This proves largely beneficial to the students in smoothening their steep learning curve, strengthening both their conceptual understanding and problem-solving competency. Dive in to our Team Einstein Elite stories to learn the success of our JC students.

Educators’ Info

Einstein JC educators are a team highly qualified professionals who are working full time at our company, highly committed and responsible in their teachings. Equipped with the full knowledge of the GCE A level syllabus and many years of teaching experience, they take pride and provide the optimum learning experience for the students @Einstein.

Lesson Coverage

This Achievers’ Class covers the same topics as what the students are learning in school so that they can attain a higher level of understanding of these topics especially on the abstract concepts and its applications.

The tutor customises the pace of the lesson by NOT rushing through, making sure that all the students can fully comprehend before moving on. Important concepts are explained in depth, covering the nitty-gritty using simple explanations that are highly comprehensible.

Quality Learning

To smoothen the learning curve, the students are taught the effective methods in solving the questions. They are trained to adopt a step-by-step approach with proper presentations of their worked solutions, cultivating a good habit of delivering their answers in greater clarity and thorough checking.

Students will apply the methods on similar questions in the class as well as the homework, embracing a sense of urgency and accuracy in their work. The tutor scrutinises both the students’ classwork and homework, goes through them in details every lesson, marks all the questions done by the students concisely and makes sure that the quality of work is not being compromised by the students. Students are also consistently encouraged to bring questions from home or school to clarify with the tutor so that no gap is left behind.

Performance Driven

To elevate the performance, the tutor will develop the students’ analytical and explanatory skills through extensive trainings during the lessons. These vital skills allow the students to analyse deeper for clues hidden in the question and pin point the relevant concepts to use, string them together to formulate a logical solution especially on the abstract and application-based questions. The objectives are to equip the students both the know-hows and the abstract thinking skills so that they can apply these effective problem-solving techniques readily in the tests and exams with clarity and confidence.

More Than Teaching

The tutor works closely with the students, not only to teach, but also constantly keep track of their progress, motivates them to take on active roles in their learning, encourages them to press on and strive towards their goals in the A level.

Einstein Takeaway

The A level course is a huge jump from the O level course in terms of the level of difficulty and the pace of study. Getting the student ready in terms of consistency and getting help for him or her in the core subjects and topics will clear the bottlenecks in his or her course of study in the A level. Book a free trial lesson to sail through the challenges with confidence in H2 Math and Physics @Einstein.