2 Better Than 1

In primary school and secondary school, there are a few subjects which are heavy in content. They consist of more facts, properties, concepts and formulas for the students to master. 

Teaching these subjects require time to explain the details as well as cover the different types of questions that the students must master for their tests or exams in school. 

At Einstein, we do not rush through what we teach. We ensure that the topics are covered in full details. Therefore, these subjects are taught twice a week (1.5h per lesson) or once a week (2.5h) at no additional charges.

Einstein Achievers’
Tuition Classes


Comprehensive Coverage

Twice A Week

2 x 1.5h

Once A Week



Science Upsize

P4 Science
P5 Science
S3 EX Pure Chemistry
S4 EX Pure Chemistry

Math Upsize

P5 Math
S1 EX Math
S2 EX Math
S2 NA Math
S3 EX E Math
S3 NA E Math
S4 EX A Math

Tuition Programs

Small Class Size
– 1-12 students

Super Clear Teachings
– Topic by topic
– Full details
– Step by step

Skills Development
– Analytical skills
– Explanatory skills
– Problem solving skills

Result Driven
– More confident
– Raise performance
– Improve results

Star Feature

Competitive Prices
– $120 to $180 monthly

Flat Monthly Fees
– 4 weeks or 5 weeks

Savings For You
– No deposit
– No lump sum payment

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